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Hi my name is Demetriuz..and I hate piano lessons. I know that may sound weird for someone who has about 300 videos teaching Piano, but its the Truth. I took Piano lessons for about 20 years every Saturday and I never looked forward to it. I loved music and I loved playing piano but lessons?

. . . Not so much. 

So i knew that if I was going to teach I had to switch things up, so I decided to do the unconventional thing. Not only would I go online with my lessons but to also teach using Hip Hop and R&b. I found that the reason I hated piano lessons was because I simply didn't like the format or the music. So I decided I'll be the change

I've spent 9 years teaching online and I've gotten so many emails from viewers telling me how much they appreciate it and its been the most fulfilling thing I've done in my life to date. As someone who also hated school, I never thought that teaching would be something I would find a passion for but I have. 

So I've dedicated my life to Music and I don't plan on looking back. Hopefully you'll find a passion for music with my videos also.

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