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The Ear Training Guide

Learn how to play piano by ear Today!

What Will I Learn In This Tutorial?

Use of Major and Minor chords

Inversions of Major and Minor Chords

The different Bass Instruments used in Hip Hop

The significance of Melody to find a Chord Inversion

What Songs Do You Use to Teach?

J Cole - No Role Modelz

Rihanna - Stay

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat

How Much Piano Playing Experience do I need?

You can be a complete beginner! This Course is for people who hear Hip Hop/R&B songs on the radio and want to play them on the piano.

The only skills that are required are:

  • Good Listening Skills

  • Matching your voice to a Piano Note

  • Reading a Chord Charts

Price for "The Ear Training Guide is $17 dollars

I believe Piano Lessons are suppose to be engaging and fun so I wanted to make an Ear Training Guide based on skills that most people can follow and also be based in hip hop music. 

When you learn a sport you start by doing and then you go back and learn "skills and drills". For some reason in piano lessons the opposite is done. There are plenty of great books to pick up exercises to get finger speed up or to learn scales, so I want to supplement that with something fun like ear training.

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